Globe Flow Sweatshirt

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Discover the Globe Flow Olive Oil Sweatshirt. Premium organic cotton shapes this sweatshirt, blending comfort with a distinct, vibrant hue. A silk-screen printed, abstract generative design elevates the piece, adding a touch of individuality to your daily wear

Size Guide
  • Regular Fit
  • See size chart for specific measurements
  • 350 GSM cosy fleece lined fabric
  • 85% Organic Cotton, 15% Recycled Polyester (GOTS Certified)
  • Designed and finished in London, UK
  • Made in Dhaka, Bangladesh in Fairwear Foundation certified supply chain

Our "Globe Flow" design is a generative piece that captures the fluid motion of the globe's turbulent flow. With swirling eddies and undulating movements, it nods to our planet's natural beauty as seen from space. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetic showcases the dynamic forces at work beneath the surface. This design is both visually striking and meaningful, perfect for those who appreciate the power and elegance of nature. Celebrate the natural world with this stunning piece.

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Explore the Globe Flow

The "Globe Flow" design is a beautifully crafted piece of generative art that captures the fluid motion of the Earth's turbulent flow. It was created using SideFX Houdini, a visual effects software that enabled us to simulate global weather patterns such as wind or ocean currents. The result is a design that features swirling eddies and undulating movements, reminiscent of the natural forces at work on our planet.

The minimalist and stripped back aesthetic of the design adds an element of elegance and simplicity, showcasing the dynamic forces at play beneath the surface. The black and white color scheme enhances its visual impact and reinforces the idea of simplicity and elegance in the natural world.

By using concepts such as curl noise and turbulence, the "Globe Flow" design pays homage to the scientific understanding of fluid motion. It is a subtle yet powerful representation of the natural beauty and complexity of our planet's processes. Those who appreciate the intricacies and wonders of the world around us will surely find this design to be visually striking and meaningful.

Experience the beauty and wonder of the natural world with the "Globe Flow" design, a stunning piece of generative art that celebrates the elegance and power of nature.