Fluid Noise Heather Grey Sweatshirt

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Swirling, shifting, mermerising. Printed in black on lovely heather grey fabric provides a softer and more subtle background for our abstract Fluid Noise geometric design.

Made from 100% organic cotton with a cut terry finish this sweatshirt is a sturdy yet mid weight option. Made from textured denim like fabric and finished with colour matched embroidery they are understated garments fit for most occasions.

Size Guide
  • Medium Fit - Cut a little more fitted
  • See size chart linked above for specific measurements
  • 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified)
  • 280 GSM cut terry textured fabrc
  • Designed, Embroidered and finished in London, UK
  • Made in Fairwear Foundation cerified supply chain in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fluid Noise is a captivating generative design that features a mesmerizing optical pattern created through a grid of points and vector lines. This design incorporates intricate patterns created from natural fluid dynamics, producing an elegant abstract embodyment of the beauty of nature.

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Optical flow motion

Fluid Noise is a striking example of generative art that seamlessly integrates natural fluid dynamics with digital design. Using a grid of points that trail vector lines, this mesmerizing design produces emergent patterns that mimic the movement of natural elements like wind and water. Through the use of complex mathematical functions like Perlin and Curl noise, this design highlights the incredible potential of procedural workflows and VFX software to create visually stunning works of art.

The result is a captivating and meaningful design that serves as a testament to the power of technology to capture the beauty and elegance of nature. By showcasing the fluid motion of elements we see around us every day, "Fluid Noise" offers a unique and awe-inspiring perspective on the natural world, all while demonstrating the remarkable possibilities of modern design techniques.