Coral Deep Turquoise Hoodie


Abstract coral design made from simulating the reaction diffusion process on a deep teal and turquoise terry hoodie.

With a looped terry inside this is a versatlie weight hoodie great for many times throught the year

Size Guide
  • Regular fit

  • 300 GSM Soft Looped Terry Fabric
  • 85% Organic Cotton, 15% Recycled Polyester (GOTS Certified)
  • Made in Dhaka, Bangladesh in Fairwear Foundation Certified Supply Chain
  • Design & Finished in London, UK

Reaction Diffusion, an elegant graphic design embodying the complexity and allure of the reaction diffusion process. Drawing inspiration from Turing patterns, this design utilises digital means to recreate an organic processes responsible for the creation of various natural patterns. Reaction Diffusion seamlessly combines mathematical precision with artistic expression, resulting in a refined and intellectually stimulating piece.

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Organic Complexity Captivatingly Revealed

Introducing Reaction Diffusion, a graphic design that thoughtfully represents the intricacies of the reaction diffusion process. Drawing from Turing patterns, this design exemplifies the convergence of generative art and natural processes, resulting in a harmonious fusion of science and creativity.

At the core of the Reaction Diffusion design is the interplay between activator and inhibitor elements, skillfully emulating the mechanisms responsible for the emergence of various patterns in nature. The subtle manipulation of these virtual chemical interactions unveils a diverse range of forms, demonstrating both geometric and fluid qualities. This understated intricacy pays homage to the mathematical basis of Turing patterns while adding depth to the visual composition.

The Reaction Diffusion design possesses a natural, organic, and biological aesthetic, imparting a sense of connection with the living world. Its patterns and forms subtly evoke natural phenomena, such as the markings of a leopard or the branching growth of coral. The design, a delicate balance of art and science, offers a refined perspective on the inherent beauty of nature. Reaction Diffusion invites a discerning appreciation of the world's underlying patterns, as seen in clothing and prints.