Ribbon Wave Womens T-shirt


This Ribbon Wave T-shirt is a subtle, yet statement-making piece. Crafted from a unique acid black fabric fabrics then with the undulating waves from the generative design cascading down the garment it is sure to evoke a serene and calming feeling.

100% Organic Cotton and cut with rolled sleeves and a scooped hem

Size Guide
  • Regular Fit
  • Loose Casual Style

  • 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS certified)
  • Rolled Sleeves
  • Scooped Hem
  • Designed & Finished in London, UK
  • Made in Tamil Nadu, India in Fairwear Foundation Certified Supply Chain

Ribbon Wave is a calming and harmonious design, reminiscent of gently undulating waves cascading down vertically. The flowing lines capture the soothing aesthetic of rippling water, with the generative design made from cross sections of a pulsating digital noise field.

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Undulating Ribbon Flow

Ribbon Wave is a calming and soothing design that captures the essence of gently undulating waves cascading down vertically. The flowing lines and harmonious aesthetic create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The design showcases the cross-section of a digital noise field, pulsating gently to create a natural wave-like motion.

The simplicity and understated nature of the design adds to its calming effect, inviting the viewer to pause and contemplate the beauty of natural phenomena captured in a generative digital art form. Ribbon Wave offers a unique blend of technology and artistry, where the complex algorithms and procedural workflows used to create the design are seamlessly integrated with an aesthetic that is both minimalistic and captivating.