One & Other is founded on a deep passion for ideas and understanding the complexity of the natural world through pattern and form.

We synthesise concepts from maths, science, and technology with minimalist design.

Along the way creating clothing, art and accessories infused with our signature aesthetic.

Process led design

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is built around exploring how simple processes create complex forms. From infinite fractals, to flocking, to fluid dynamics we algorithmically orchestrate simple rule-based systems to create our designs.

We use ‘generative design’ to algorithmically compute rules to create our patterns. Often where small tweaks to the rules and parameters have unforeseeable chaotic consequences.

Why you may ask? From our bodies to the ecosystem to the universe at large we are intertwined in a myriad of interacting process that bring about life as we know it. Through our design we aim to explore, distil, unearth, and share these concepts far and wide through elegant everyday design.   

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Niall McDonagh after completing a degree in Philosophy as a way to combine his passions for exploring ideas and structures with minimalist design. With I+O acting as a foundation to weave stories, explore ideas and create elegant things.

You may well have come across Niall or another member of the team at an event, market or fair in London or across the UK. We trade almost all Saturdays & Sundays in Old Spitalfields Market alongside seasonal events throughout the year.